When we empower ourselves spiritually, we move through life with more ease and grace. For example, depression can be embraced as a calling to spiritually heal a void. There are spaces in consciousness that are grey and foggy. Unplugging people from their spiritual light. With spiritual healing techniques, these grey spaces can be transformed. We are in a culture where taking a pill is the best next thing. However, it does not mitigate the grey space of consciousness. In fact, these pills disconnect our consciousness from spiritual realms. Here are 3 spiritual healing techniques that I offer. Really they are journeys into the soul for empowering your life and resting on your own spiritual healing abilities.


#1 – Spiritual Healing with a Sophia Circle Journey®

Over Zoom


spiritual healing

Activate your Higher self embodiment in this life changing 13 – week Sophia Circle Journey® through the Sophia Code. This book is a living transmission and sacred text. When we go through it together in a group journey expect divine feminine spiritual healing results. Expect yourself to step through into your own spiritual healing ability with the support of Ascended Masters and your HIgher Self.

This is a powerful mentor-ship journey of transmissions and activations with Divine Feminine Ascended Masters such as ISIS, Mary Magdalene, White Buffalo Woman and more. Their mentor-ship will reveal how possible it is to live in your highest divine potential everyday.

Countless reports of unexpected miracles, profound spiritual awakenings and spotaneous spiritual healings are reported as people move through this book. Expect your own miracles, spiritual awakenings and spontaneous spiritual healings as we journey together.


#2 – Spiritual Healing Sessions

Over Zoom or in Seattle

Offering one on one spiritual healing sessions.  Heal the past by regressing into it and activating your Higher Self that replaces  the wounded self. No one has escaped the wounds of humanity. We carry them from life to life. In this work – the buck stops here. Sessions are imbued with energies from Sophia, your guides and Ascended Masters that you have worked with in this life and others. Sessions allow you to come back home to you.

Above all, you will learn about your angelic Connections so you embody and integrate more of your Higher Self for radical Self Love and mentor-ship with Ascended Masters that are calling you. This is spiritual healing at its best.

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#3 – Meditation that brings about Spiritual Healing at a Yogi Level

Meeting oaver Zoom in a temple space and in Seattle.

5#3 Spiritual Healing with The I AM The Flame Meditation Group

Meditation calms the parasympathetic nervous system and Vagus nerve. Here we are gently activating the kundalini with a focus of further activating the third eye. Strengthening your chakras and third eye vision development.

Our meditation practices are steeped in a western Yogic lineage with roots in the esoteric Atlantean, Egyptian and Vedic traditions, that lean on Plato, Aristotle and Rudolph Steiner’s models of consciousness. Our practices focus on mapping states of consciousness and delving into the realm of the Esoteric. Expect mystical experiences.

We meditate in a temple setting over Zoom – 6 mornings a week. Every Tuesday evening is a class. We also have break out rooms to get to know your kindred spirits on a heart felt way. Practicing third eye vision and chakra awareness.

This is gentle spiritual healing and awakening at a yogi level. After all, postures are asanas and meditation is the actual yoga.

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