I think we are everything we have seen, heard and experienced.
It all accumulates within causing burdens, patterns, and repeating situations. It causes aging and stress.
You know the story.
You leave a situation only to attract something like it again!


I target issues at the root level with Elle. Never mind symptoms! Deep alchemical work that is no nonsense. We won't be imagining figures of light, but making the shadow conscious and stepping into something bigger and brighter, realizing vast and connected spaces within and over coming things such as overwhelm.
"Elle is phenomenal. Period. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I’ve been around and had the opportunity over the years of working with many light workers and healers. I’ve seen major shifts in my life after working with her as she has a unique method and lands amazingly beautiful and powerful connections. Her very specific technique is a game changer. Her morning meditations with the group always make a huge difference to my day and set the tone for an amazing day. She’s kick ass, warrior and light-worker - I highly recommend both her one on one sessions as well her amazing meditation group." NJ