An invitation of Resonance Healing Work, Nature Activations, Meditation and House Clearings.

House Clearings

Houses and buildings can sometimes attract an energy that does not feel nice. Sometimes, you can clearly see or sense a ghost, but most of the time, people just sense something isn’t quite right. Usually, there is a coldness in the room. Perhaps a person doesn’t sleep well in that room, or a business keeps turning over in that particular building. Even equipment can be affected with these energies. Houses can sell easier without these energies that most people don’t see, but unconsciously feel. It is best not to have them in these human habitats so that you can resonate at your highest vibration. Yes they can effect the quality of your life, especially children. Even is you don’t see them.

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Resonance Healing Work

Resonate with the truest essence of you. With this work, as you let go of areas of inner struggle, a higher resonance of you comes forward.  Qualities of star light angelic presences, goddess energies, beingness and so much more.

At times, in other lifetimes, you have played in spaces of grace, beauty and magnificence. Reclaim what is already yours. You may feel you get glimpses of an essence of you, but then something blocks you from fully stepping into it. This is the struggle that follows us for lifetimes.  The human mess of density. Elle helps you step out of this density and into your starlight. Integrate precious spaces of immortality.

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Nature Activation Session

Resonance Work is done over a period of time. Nature Activation Sessions can be done over one or several sessions. This is where you already have a place in nature that you just love. It calls you.

Elle has the ability on a shamanic level to take you back there and for you to open to the metaphysical gifts that may be waiting for you. Perhaps there are caverns of crystals, lakes, fairies, whales or special beings waiting to work with you and unknowingly this is what calls you to this special place.

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Clear Thinking

Attachment Removal