Energetic Support For Body, Mind, Spirit and Homes


Integrate healing at a deep Soul level.

While embracing the Self and letting go of stuck energy in the body and in the home.

Happy Home

Ancient practices for a thriving home

Experience the ancient art of Feng Shui and powerful Clearings. Giving your home a tune up, removing stuck energy and cultivating support and beauty into the home.

Spiritual Healing

A sophisticated journey of healing

Experience Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Ancestors, Blockage Clearings, Entity & Attachment Removal, and the beautiful essence of you. Your Truth.

Meditation & Awakening Group

Modern yogi practices

 Meditate with real people in real time. Cultivating sacred energy together while growing strong, perceptive and peaceful.


 About Elle

Energy work is my passion. It all started about 30 years ago when my Beloved, David and I walked up the steps of a charming little church in Victoria, BC. It was over flowing with flowers as we walked around the little church and it smelt like a touch of heaven. As we walked up those steps our life changed. We entered into a world of Mediumship, Hands on Healing and Soul Connection. It taught us to take special care for those on the path. It is why we are little less formal in our offerings. Welcoming deep conversation, cups of tea and ease. As you travel around this website you will get to know our offerings and a little bit more about us and our expertise.

“Elle is phenomenal. Period. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I’ve been around and had the opportunity over the years of working with many light workers and healers. I’ve seen major shifts in my life after working with her as she has a unique method and lands amazingly beautiful and powerful connections. Her very specific technique is a game changer. Her morning meditations with the group always make a huge difference to my day and set the tone for an amazing day. She’s kick ass, warrior and light-worker – I highly recommend both her one on one sessions as well her amazing meditation group.” NJ