Inner Work


Integrated Soul Works is a sanctuary for spiritual awakening and deep emotional healing through inner work and meditation.

In a session with Elle, your Higher Self knows exactly what your core issues are. It knows if you have suppressed grief, shame, depression, guilt, sadness and all the other range of emotions that hold you from your greatest good. These suppressed emotions keep you in an unconscious pattern. Attracting different scenarios yet similar outcomes.

With the help of your Higher Self, yours and Elle’s third eye abilities, you will de-charge these systemic emotions. In there place you will expand into a greater you that is in touch with your Higher Self and Source Light.

inner work with Elle Kerr-Wilson

Inner sight journey

 A journey of healing and expansion

Explore the wisdom of your third eye with Elle, Reiki Master and Teacher with a BA in Psychology and Healing.

Unlock imprints from this lifetime or other lifetimes with the assistance of your inner sight. This inner work is unique to each individual and may include a soul regression, soul retrieval and blockage removal if spirit calls it forth. This is unique inner work as it rests on your inner sight. Sessions are in Zoom or in person in Seattle (Edmonds), WA.

In this modern day deep healing work you will access deep emotions and traumas at levels of the unconscious that will shake you awake like a near death experience.

Through your own inner sight of the third eye access deep states  where you will source issues and blessings to their root allowing you to release blockages and see at your deepest metaphysical level. Rekindle and deepen your relationship with Sophia/God.

I started working with Elle because I was in desperate need for someone to help guide my spiritual growth. I was unable to see past patterns and habits I had built over a lifetime. From the very beginning Elle was kind, personal, and direct. She has a beautiful presence and connection to her power that held space for me to connect with mine. Her intuition and insight are piercing. She showed me how to feel my heart and a way that I haven’t been able to do since I was a child. I am so grateful that she is a part of my team, and I am looking forward to this journey of growth with her.

Lauren J.

I came to Elle for help with an entity that was attacking my fiancé at night. I purchased a 12 visit package and began immediately to work on expelling the entity. Elle discovered that I had two entities that had attached themselves to me. I have also had MS for 13 years and dealt with almost constant pain. I had used narcotics and alcohol to “cope” up until this point and desired a change.

After some past life regression and healing of samskaras, we removed one of the entities. The horrific pain I had been having in my arm that I had previously attributed to MS, vanished and I haven’t had it since. I also am free of my thirst for alcohol.

I now have the ability to enjoy and savor a single glass of wine or beer without “needing” more. Elle encouraged reading of the Sophia Code and as soon as we received it in the mail and placed it in our bedroom, the attacks on my fiancé ceased.

I highly recommend Elle and her teachings for anyone who is looking to learn about themselves and grow. If you have found Elle, it is no accident and should be considered divine intervention in your life…5 stars all the way.

Rebbecca J.


Evening Classes

Cultivate your meditation practice in a Zoom Temple space. Learn meditation practices that are yogic, and western esotericism. Starting with third eye practices, chakras and strengthening your whole column of spirit.  Learn to navigate upper currents of the Astral Worlds to land more spiritual presence within yourself and cultivate discernment.

Elle is a compassionate and generous leader. She shares her experience and extensive training throughout each meditation class. She gently leads, in a firm sort of way, wanting the best for everyone. She genuinely respects and enjoys the diversity. If you want more for yourself, she also offers one on one sessions that are amazing.

Deb K.

Elle is phenomenal. Period. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I’ve had the opportunity over the years of working with many light workers and healers. Since working with Elle I’ve never looked back. I’ve seen major shifts in my life since working with her as she has a unique method and lands amazingly beautiful and powerful connections.

Her very specific technique is a game changer. It’s not just a “feel good session” where nothing concrete changes… your whole life will shift in the most miraculous ways. This work is not for the faint of heart so be ready to put in the work – trust me it is worth it. Her morning meditations with the group always make a huge difference to my day and set the tone for an amazing day. I highly recommend both her one on one sessions as well her amazing meditation group.

Jill N.

Some of the things that people experience

working with elle

🪷 No longer struggle with alcohol

🪷 I’m pregnant. The work we did really did make a major impact as I had endometriosis

🪷 Something dark has been lifted away from me

🪷 A block removed from my heart that allowed me to feel and connect more

🪷 It has been liberating

🪷 Expanded into realms of my experience of self that I have not contacted for years and which enrich my current life experience

🪷 Remember my innocence, magic, and gain excitement for how many possible ways that I can grow as I expand my experience of flow

🪷 Huge breakthroughs and deep transformational healing

🪷 My work with others in the healing realm has been greatly enhanced through this beautiful healing work

🪷 Becoming unstuck in my life patterns, in my harmful thinking, and feel a more expansive view of the world and how I interact in it

inner work

meet Elle

Elle is on a mission to help you align to your embodied connection to Spirit, and your Self. There is a rich metaphysical world and it is her passion to connect you even deeper to it by releasing the  wounded parts allowing you to let go of struggle and infusing that area with Spirit.

Over  three decades Elle has invested time, money and devotion to her healing and alchemical transformation process. She makes this journey with sincere dedication as well as a lightness of being. Together with her practices of meditation and mystical studies have finely honed her skills, and ability to hold beautiful healing energies for her clients. Her healing work is filled with wisdom and alchemical healing energies. Elle brings her years of experience into her one on one sessions, classes and Immersive Workshops for spiritual connection, transformation and shifting timelines to her clients.