Your body has an innate wisdom to heal. It has an intelligence. Since we were young, we have slowly disconnected from this internal wisdom. The way we were parented and schooled is designed for us to listen outside of ourselves. We are conditioned to obey authority over ourselves.  

It is my hope that if we are a fit, to be part of your soul’s journey back to yourself. To be part of your journey of awakening.

How do we do that?

Through the mystic healing space that I work with, you de-program your shadow: wounds, victim consciousness and power over other’s consciousness. Through this mystic healing space you enter into spaces of regression. You go through initiations in many sessions of experiencing death and coming out the other side.

At first this may be a little daunting until you realize a deep inner strength that is your Soul. You start to get more in touch with this and integrate this depth within yourself. Your magnificence that aligns with The Magnificence.

This is work. It is not for the weak. If you are looking to stare your shadow in the face and be immersed into your mystic self that has purpose, integrity and divinity you are in the right place.

Not only do we offer healing on quantum levels, we offer meditation and support for your home as sometimes a home just needs someone else to come in and freshen it up energetically so you can sleep and thrive more.


About Elle

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