David and Elle facilitate meditation classes and both offer deep sacred healing sessions to their clients.

Sacred Healing Sessions

Experience healing sessions at the level of doing Ayahuaska without the drug! It is much safer to be drug free as there are openings for other forces when using drugs. David and Elle offer sessions that are deeply connected and where you are highly protected to explore your inner landscape.

It's All Stored in the Body

On a deep level everything is stored in the body affecting your health, nervous system, reactions and relationships. Your memory has perhaps let go of trauma and hardship but your body keeps track and holds onto anything that has hurt you for dear life. If it was hurt, it will score keep. This unconscious score keeping is a heart closing. Even your past lives are held in the body influencing you today. That is because on a level there is no time.

What do you do in Sessions?

You release burdens of emotions that have haunted you for perhaps a lifetime or lifetimes. You work on your chakras at levels you never knew you could. It can take years of meditation before one touches on these beautiful aspects that are reached easily in healing sessions. We specialize in deep shadow work where we help you source deep issues that hold you back. Perhaps you have pain in your body that needs sourcing and releasing.

At times, in other lifetimes, you have played in spaces of grace, beauty and magnificence. Reclaim what is already yours; this is done once you make room for what you let go in these energetic sourcing sessions. Currently or at times in your life, you may feel you get glimpses of an essence of you, but then something blocks you from fully stepping into it. This is the struggle that follows us for lifetimes. 

Do All Sessions Go Into Wounds?

No, sometimes there is the most magnificent part of you ready to land and just needs the extra voltage that David and Elle have to help facilitate this sacred space for you.

Is Stepping Into a Huge Part of You Worth the Investment

One where people will ask what has changed about you. Why you are more magnetic. You will smile and know exactly why and attract...

People are Saying...

"Our session today ... was amazing!

I am beyond grateful and also profoundly touched , that you were so vulnerable and strong for me.

You set the bar for me in understanding this by expressing it yourself!!!

Your wisdom was filled with clear intention and heart ... and I really truly felt this ... therefore , I really truly GOT IT!

Thank you for being so Fierce and Beautiful. And for being here NOW ( with me ) as I “ walk this out into the world “. Faith