Would you like to experience God/Source more in your life?

Elle specializes in deep integrated soul healing work and along with her husband of 30 years teaches meditation.

Private one on one healing sessions allow you to go deeply, softly, into your Metaphysical Self. Letting go to a Higher Source for your own wisdom. Even establishing a relationship with your Guides, Ascended Masters (Beings of healing in light).

With this meditation healing work, as you let go of areas of inner struggle, a higher resonance of you comes forward. Qualities of star light, angelic presences, goddess energies, beingness and so much more. Private sessions cultivate the unique essence of a person that meditation seeks to reach. It can take years of meditation before one touches on these beautiful aspects that are reached easily in healing sessions where Elle specializes in deep shadow work and where we source deep issues that hold you back. Perhaps you have pain in your body that needs sourcing and releasing.

Would you like to reclaim what is already yours?

At times, in other lifetimes, you have played in spaces of grace, beauty and magnificence. Reclaim what is already yours; this is done once you make room for what you let go in these energetic sourcing sessions. Currently or at times in your life, you may feel you get glimpses of an essence of you, but then something blocks you from fully stepping into it. This is the struggle that follows us for lifetimes. 

This is what Elle helps you release. Elle can help you step out of this density and into your own unique light. It will be worth the investment in yourself. One where people will ask what has changed about you. Why you are more magnetic. You will smile and know exactly why and attract...

People are Saying...

"Our session today ... was amazing!

I am beyond grateful and also profoundly touched , that you were so vulnerable and strong for me.

You set the bar for me in understanding this by expressing it yourself!!!

Your wisdom was filled with clear intention and heart ... and I really truly felt this ... therefore , I really truly GOT IT!

Thank you for being so Fierce and Beautiful. And for being here NOW ( with me ) as I “ walk this out into the world “. Faith