Integrating alchemy for the I Am and the We Are

Alchemy and being an alchemist is work. It is where cultivating your energetic body leads to extraordinary metaphysical experiences. If done with discipline, experiences are repeatable without leaning into medicine outside of yourself. Turning lead into gold is the alchemy. This can be done in your energetic body which affects the physical, emotional, and spiritual.  Now, with a new way of working, organizations can also be affected and resurrected alchemically which can shift them as well. We are in exciting times.


Turning lead into gold

In many ages and cultures, shamans, medicine men and women have healed the parts of our lives that have hidden our connection to the Divine. Healing parts of us in journeying. With ISIS you travel into the doorway healing parts of yourself. Seeing and knowing for yourself.

The goal of ISIS is: crystal clarity. Freedom from emotional reactions and conditioning, metaphysical experiences like regression, that get you in more contact with your Eternal Spirit, and experiences of holographic vision that can shake you awake like a near-death experience.


Awakening the body of immortality

Meditation can be much more than rest and relaxation. In truth, to meditate for rest and relaxation is like taking a Ferrari to the grocery store.

Here we do yogi sitting practices to cultivate structure in our central column, so we can reach spaces that are beyond this 3D realm. Where mystical experiences of expansion exist. When you cultivate these structures, your energy is in a integration of alchemy.  Intuition strengthens. Perception goes through an expansion and the ability to map consciousness and see where thoughts are formed gives you freedom.

Here we cultivate third eye vision and do practices with each other to expand inner sight and align with your angelic self.

we are

Explore the dark & light of organizations

Ancient Shamans and the initiated have long since known that Beings can be created. They are created when over time, 25 people or more gather over an idea.

This is where you likely have observed that an organization or group in the founding days is very different too years later.

To put it another way, whenever a group of people gather a Group Spirit also emerges.

The brilliant CEO is the one who intuitively lifts an organization out of the gutter and sets it on a successful trajectory.

How do they do it?

Elle has teamed up with Helen Russ Ph.D to offer organizations and businesses consultations. As well, they offer trainings. Helen has developed a language and a technology to work with the spirit of organizations.

It is described as the Lexion.

sophia CIRCLES

Embody your higher self

Activate your Higher Self embodiment in this life changing 13-week Sophia Circle Journey through the Sophia Code® as a living transmission and sacred text. Step deeper into your divine feminine and divine masculine aspects.

This is a journey where you read the chapter before we meet. We then go into Ceremony with each chapter. There is something profound that happens when you go through this with a spiritual community. In ceremony be steeped in the energy.

Integrated Soul Works

Our passion is awakening and living a life of excitement with the Divine.

The circles in our logo represent the different offerings that we offer that brings us to alignment and wholeness. It’s the work. Here you will find Elle Kerr-Wilson hosting different offerings with other Practitioners.

“Elle is phenomenal. Period. As a Master Reiki Practitioner I’ve been around and had the opportunity over the years of working with many light workers and healers. I’ve seen major shifts in my life after working with her as she has a unique method and lands amazingly beautiful and powerful connections. Her very specific technique is a game changer. Her morning meditations with the group always make a huge difference to my day and set the tone for an amazing day. I highly recommend both her one on one sessions as well her amazing meditation group.”