Sophia Circle Journeys®

Embark on a Sacred Journey through the SophiA Code®

Join this Empowering Journey, Meeting 13 Times in Ceremony

Are you feeling a deep calling to connect with Ascended Masters? In Sophia Circle Journeys, you will dive into a profound exploration of self-care, self-love, and the awakening of your inner child and true nature.

Through this transformative experience, you will receive intuitive guidance and messages from the Ascended Masters, enhancing your connection with both them and yourself. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised at every turn. Join us in sacred ceremony as we delve deeper into the timeless wisdom of the Sophia Code® across 13 gatherings infused with profound teachings from Divine Ascended Masters.

With each gathering, you will experience a powerful momentum of personal transformation as you align with the truth of your sovereign divinity. Discover just how accessible it is to be mentored by the Ascended Masters who are devoted to unveiling the enlightened master that already exists within you.



This blueprint will be followed exactly and will be the same each circle, honoring the ceremony.


Opening Invocation of the key code mentors

Water Prayer

Silent Prayer

Guided Meditation to the Temple of Sophia

Group Reading, Journal Prompt and Discussion

Closing meditation and closing prayer

Reviewing homework and assignments for next class

I had a profound experience with Elle doing the Sophia Circles just as I have had huge breakthroughs and deep transformational healing doing individual work with her. My personal life and my work as a psychotherapist have been deeply enhanced by my experiences with Ascended Masters (through my work with Elle) that have come to be allies through this complex and often challenging journey we call life.

I feel my work with others in the healing realm has been greatly enhanced through this beautiful healing work with Elle that allows me to share and radiate it bringing it more fully to others.
Truly, such a profound gift.

Stephanie J.

2024 upcoming sophia circle journeys

The 1st and 3rd week of the month
In Person at 3:30-5:00pm

Vision Quest Bookstore and Wellness Center, 6915 Evergreen Way, Everett, WA

Circle 1)  June 5 – Introducing Sophia
Circle 2)  June 19 – The Sophia Code
Circle 3) July 3 – The Sophia Dragon Tribe
Circle 4) July 17 – Introducing the Keycodes
Circle 5) August 7 – A Modern Mystery School
Circle 6) August 21 – ISIS
Circle 7) September 4 – Hathor
Circle 8) September 18 – Green Tara
Circle 9) October 2 – Mother Mary
Circle 10) October 16 – Mary Magdalene
Circle 11) November 6 – Quan Yin
Circle 12) November 20 – White Buffalo Woman
Circle 13) December 4 -The Sophia Dragons

Virtual Sophia Circle Journey

Over ZOOM at 6:00-7:30pm

Circle 1)  June 6 – Introducing Sophia
Circle 2)  June 20 – The Sophia Code
Circle 3) July 4 – The Sophia Dragon Tribe
moves to July 11
Circle 4) July 18 – Introducing the Keycodes
Circle 5) August 8 – A Modern Mystery School
Circle 6) August 22 – ISIS
Circle 7) September 5 – Hathor
Circle 8) September 19 – Green Tara
Circle 9) October 3 – Mother Mary
Circle 10) October 17 – Mary Magdalene
Circle 11) November 7 – Quan Yin
Circle 12) November 21 – White Buffalo Woman
Circle 13) December 5 -The Sophia Dragons

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Sophia Circle Journey

Meet Elle

Elle is dedicated to helping you align with your embodied connection to Spirit and your true Self. She is passionate about diving even deeper into the rich metaphysical world, releasing the wounded parts of yourself to let go of struggle, and infusing those areas with the transformative power of Spirit. With over three decades of investment in healing and alchemical transformation, Elle brings a profound depth of wisdom and a lightness of being to her journey. Through her practice of meditation and mystical studies, she has honed her skills and cultivated the ability to hold beautiful healing energies for her clients.

Elle’s healing work is a sacred blend of profound wisdom and alchemical healing energies. She channels her years of experience into her transformative offerings, including Sophia Circle Journeys, Third Eye Journey Sessions, meditation classes, and Third Eye Breathwork Immersive Workshops, all designed to foster spiritual connection, facilitate transformation, and shift timelines for her clients. Step into Elle’s transformative work and embark on your own journey of spiritual growth and healing.