Join in this powerful Journey where we meet 13 times virtually in Ceremony.


The evening will start with a powerful invocation. A reminder that we are facilitating this journey by your side as equals on this Divine Feminine journey. We will then move into a guided meditation led by Hunter or Elle. A powerful short meditation where you will be transported to the Temple gates of Sophia. (God) This is a powerful archetypal place that many have written about through the ages. You will be blessed with a prayer for your water where you can drink this water or save it for something special.

Then we will read a section of the Sophia Code together. Ideally, you have read the chapter before hand so you are immersed in the energy of the Ascended Master. In this rich space you will have access to other parts of your subconscious. Here you will journal and share the gems of your findings from the reading a question chosen for that week. Expect to feel more of your heart and deepen to where your vibration is able to open even more.

Elle and Hunter are both certified by Kaia Ra.

IN this SOPHIA CIRCLES journey you will experience


This powerful and unique invocation will open the temple gates and invite the Sophia Dragon Tribe Ascended Masters to be with us on our journey. Expect to soften into your Divine Feminine.


Guided Meditation

Experience a short but very deep guided meditation into Sophia’s white marble Temple.

This is especially powerful when done in the Sophia Circle with other people on this journey with you.

Water Blessing

Water is a conduit for blessings and vitality. The Quan Yin Water Prayer will create a more empowered relationship with your health, body, your Higher Self, and Sophia God. As you drink this blessed water you will further integrate these teachings and higher self transmissions.

Activating Your Divine Genome

We will read a section of the Codex together. The power of your voice reading the Codex aloud activates your Higher Self to build bridges of light between your divine genome and your biological DNA.

We’ll then take time to journal and discuss the reading with a group question that will help you explore and integrate this topic.

Ceremonial Sealing

A final meditation and ceremonial sealing of the activations within your body, heart,
and mind.





Light Body Activations.

This light body can be thought of as a suit of golden dragon scales that easily slips over your human form and upgrades every system of your body, heart, and mind.”

—The Sophia Dragons, Pg. 311, The Sophia Code

The ability to connect deeper with Ascended Masters: White Buffalo Woman, ISIS, Hathor, Green Tara, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Quan Yin.

The ability to enrich your relationship with them or one in particular.

The openingto mentor with them as they are more than an atiquated statue. They have walked the path before you and are able to assist as your sister.

Heal aspects of  your Inner Child.
Embody more of your Higher Self.

Hunter and Elle co-Facilitating

7pm pst Thursdays

13  ON-LINE ceremonies

January 11  Introducing Sophia

January 18 Your Sovereign Divine Genome

January 25 Introducing the High Council of Ascended Masters

February 1 Divine Feminine Christ Teachers of Sophia Consciousness

February 8 The Golden Age of Miracles

Moving to every other week so you can integrate deeper with the Ascended Masters

February 22 ISIS

March 7 Hathor

March 21 Green Tara

April  4 Mother Mary

April 18 Mary Magdalene

May 2 Quan Yin

May 16 White Buffalo Woman

May 30 The Sophia Dragons are the Seraphim of Sovereignty


Your Facilitators, Elle has been on the journey with the Sophia Code since 2017. As soon as she had it in her hands she could feel the power of this book. Everything changed since then including the one on one sessions she holds for people.


Hunter has a traveling spirit. Ask her about her travels through Central America, South East Asia and Europe. In Bali, her Teacher, Ratu Bagus was known as the laughing Teacher so she brings a lightness wherever she goes.  As a Yoga Teacher she wanted to go the source of Yoga and completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India. It took Hunter awhile to pick up the Sophia Code. As soon as she did tears of heartness streamed over her face. She was home.