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Spiritual Healing Sessions

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Release and Imbue in the Light

Explore the wisdom of your third eye with Elle. Unlock imprints from this lifetime or other lifetimes with the assistance of your inner sight. This session is unique to each individual and may include a soul regression, soul retrieval and blockage removal if spirit calls it forth. Sessions are in Zoom or in person in Seattle, WA.

In this modern day deep healing work you will access deep emotions and traumas at levels of the unconscious that will shake you awake like a near death experience.

Through your own inner sight of the third eye access deep states  where you will source issues and blessings to their root allowing you to release blockages and see at your deepest metaphysical level. Rekindle and deepen your relationship with Sophia/God.


Spiritual Healing

I’ve been working with Elle for about 7 years now online and I couldn’t have better things to say about her and the work she does. Every session is a transformation and I feel a shift in my energy and in my life. The work we have done together has opened my heart, released a lot of anger and sadness, brought me closer to my inner child and higher self, and opened me up to parts of myself I didn’t know existed. Elle’s work is powerful, beautiful, unique, connected and I would highly recommend her.

B.Y. Actress and Administration

Connect to your inner resources. Places and spaces you have been before. Remember, infuse and rejoice in your newness.

Release blocked emotions and reactions with super charged regression healing. Designed to replace a stuck you with a sparkly you.

Inner child spiritual healing work that transforms the wounded inner child to the phoenix inner child. Bring wisdom, play and fun into your life.

Heal your physical, emotional and energy body. Open to more intuition, grounding, will and heart.

“I came to Elle with a significant challenge that I’ve been dealing for most of my life. I needed help and not the kind that you can get at talk therapy. And being in a dark place at the time, I was ready for the “heavy lifting” required for Elle’s work. I’ve done other kind of alternative therapies before, having embraced the woo woo lifestyle, since I was 18 but this was unlike any other therapy I’ve gone through before. It felt surreal at times, like feelings that laid dormant and beneath the surface could almost literally be hooked and pulled out of you, and you feel like “throwing up” emotion!

After my work with Elle, I felt like something dark has been lifted away from me. Sure, I could still get fired up, or get sad, but this big bad thing inside was gone. I’ve been trying to like meditation for 2 decades and only now I could finally get to the spot where I felt the joy of it; before it was simply inaccessible to me. I don’t know who needs to read this right now but if you’re here and reading this, it probably means you need this work and should just close your eyes and do it. It’s scary and feels sadomasochistic at times but if you could see the light at the end of the tunnel, would this light be worth it? To me, it was.”

L.A. Reiki Healer and Artist

“If I were asked to rate myself in terms of what drives my thinking I’d come out pretty high on the scientific evidence side, which is to say that I have a heavy dose of skepticism. Fortunately, I also try to keep an open mind which is why when a dear friend suggested I might spend time working with Elle to help me through the stresses of life as a parent, a daughter of aging parents, and a demanding job in college leadership, I was willing to give it a try. 

I have absolutely no scientific reference to explain how my work with Elle has helped me. It is insufficient to say that her approach to her practice is, at a minimum, akin to working with a really good therapist. She begins by guiding my breath and focus, then gently asks questions that lead me to a next step. Some sessions I leave with amazing clarity about myself, my influences, and what is blocking me from moving in directions I want to go. Other sessions I feel intense physical sensations that I am hard-pressed to explain except to say that I believe they are the manifestation of the blockages.

Whatever the case, I am becoming unstuck in my life patterns, in my harmful thinking, and feel a more expansive view of the world and how I interact in it. Elle is a wise and gentle guide, and I am grateful to have her in my life.”

VW, Higher Education

“As of yesterday I am 6 weeks pregnant With endometriosis, the main side effect (aside from pain) is infertility. We got right away (literally the first time trying with my ovulation schedule) which isn’t common. Many women resort to IVF to have a chance at pregnancy, and even that is not always successful. All of my doctors keep telling me I’m “lucky”, but truly I know otherwise! It’s obvious to me that the work we did really did make a major impact.”

JP, Nurse

My work with Elle has been so many things- transformative, beautiful, challenging, and hopeful. I have expanded into realms of my experience of self that I have not contacted for years and which enrich my current life experience. I have experienced Elle as being incredibly committed to supporting my own healing in a way that I have not experienced other healers and/or therapists to be. Her modality of working is real and effective, and you will experience change in an incredibly meaningful way.

I have been able to remember my innocence, magic, and gain excitement for how many possible ways that I can grow as I expand my experience of flow. Working with Elle is a journey of becoming whole in ways that you didn’t realize you could- it’s a way to tap into unshakable and pure self love.”

MC, Psychology Post Grad

“I’ve been going to Elle’s meditation classes. I felt safe with her immediately. I signed up for a 12 session plan. I did not feel there was something wrong with me or that I needed work, I just wanted to grow spiritually and felt that digging more into myself with one on one meditation healing, I would discover more about me and who I am and this would help me open up more to connection and guidance, because I was feeling that it was really hard to reach connection or get any guidance. Wow! I’ve learned so much about me today, and about some of my blocks and why I behave a certain way, not that it was bad, but it could be so much better. And It is now. I had a block removed from my heart that allowed me to feel and connect more. I thought I was a loving person, but I was guarded. I had this spot in my heart where I could hide and not feel anything. I no longer have this spot and I feel with all my heart.

I’ve cried and been sad for past experiences where I had not allowed myself to completely feel (heart opening) It has been liberating. There were more things I discovered on Elle’s sessions, some thru seeing some of my past lives. That knowledge has opened my eyes to who I am, and I see some of the patterns that I have to change. I think I am running out of the allowed space to write   but if I only have one more line I would say: I trust Elle, she is my teacher, my friend she is truly compassionate soul without judgement or expectations. ”

LN, Administation

Regression - Past Life Therapy For Here and NOw Freedom

An explanation of Spiritual Healing sessions written by Elle’s Teacher, the late Samuel Sagan.

A concise and practical manual to understand and handle past-life experiences with a focus on the present. A mine of information on the mechanisms of the mind and emotions, and how consciousness can be freed from latent conditioning.

ISIS Regression

“Before this deep healing work with Elle, I found myself stuck in old patterns, constantly giving in to the pain rather than breathing through it. Elle helped me feel, truly feel, the connection to our vast and beautiful Universe and guided me through powerful sessions that showed me it’s always possible to choose love.”

MF, Actress and Writer

This Healing Goes Into:

Soul Retrieval

A complex subject.

Simply put, you carry unconscious wounds from past events. Therefore, your past seeps into the present unconsciously informing your reactions and thoughts. Elle regresses you back to these events. You see where you reacted, and closed your heart.  There is an amazing heart opening to this interaction. By going back to these events in a metaphysical space, it can at times be like a near death experience. This healing is profound as you clear a layer of the wound and gain wisdom and more of the truest you.

The added bonus to healing these deep wounds is that you retrieve these parts of you in such an experiential way, you cultivate more ‘will’ versus bypassing the will and making up an ending or having a medicine person do it all for you. Instead you experience more of the afterlife, your Eternal Spirit and the Divine.

Missing Bit

Sometimes you might feel that something is missing. Another type of soul retrieval is what we call a ‘missing bit’. This is where you a part of you leaves when a traumatic event happens. It could be something like being spanked as a child, yelled at or a more brutal experience.

First, a part of you can leave at a traumatic time period. Leaving you with a sense of explainable loss, sadness or victim-hood. Often this happens in childhood. The part that leaves is part of the light body and doesn’t want to stick around. This can cause a person to have:

  • a sense of loss, depression
  • a sense that one does not have support
  • like there is something missing and explainable

Bringing back a missing bit takes time as it left for a reason. It takes time to heal the wound and trust being on earth. Because it is part of your light body, it holds something magnificent and we bring this back into our system. In this case it is you opening to it and the Healer opening up such a space to match the light body and talking it back to the client.


Clearing entities, fragmented energy and blockages


You may discover your pesty re-occuring thoughts are not yours. However, you identified with them. They keep you in loops of negativity and cause health disorders. This breach in your system may be a fragmented energy or entity. Before a healing clearing, you clear the wounds that attracted it to you.You get a new lease on life.

Energetic Attachments Influence Your Consciousness

Entites create Isolating /Insular/Negative Thoughts



Soul sickness

One can get caught in emotions such as despair, depression, sadness and other negative emotions. Caught is the key word. Caught in spaces of consciousness. Additionally, you could be caught in an underworld space. This can have an energetic cord to nauseousnes, fear and loneliness.  Dante’s Inferno is a good example.

In healing sessions, you may get to explore these spaces of consciousness and shift out of them. For Elle, this has been an incredible shift for her life. I used to suffer from something like chronic fatigue. It all stopped when I found a part of me in an underworld space.




Inner Child

Learn how to re-parent this beautiful child where it can step forward with more presence in your life. Children carry the archetype of curiosity, love, play and joy. The inner critic, parents and society can crush these parts of you.



From an energetic perspective, Seasonal Affective Disorder is a lack of incarnation of parts of the light body and higher self. People who suffer with this are less affected in the summer as they can be out in the sun which is a Christ consciousness principle.

If you need to have a best friend, need to hold hands, and have that extra touch then this is a symptom of a lack of incarnating into your full light body. The goal of Inner Sighte Meditation Journey is to have you fully incarnated within a self assured you. One where you are connected to your Angelic states.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t meditate. Will this work for me?

Sometimes it is awesome to work with people who say they can’t meditate or never have. This is because they don’t have belief systems or expectations. So no worries.

What is the process?

No knowledge or training in meditation is required. No hypnosis, plant medicine or psychedelics are involved. You are sober to the truth. Being sober with no crutches means you are working on the alchemy and working with Source.

ISIS A yogi healing modality

I can’t meet Elle in person, how well do online sessions work?

“Initially, I was unsure of how a Skype session would work, and if the experience would be as purposeful as a face to face meeting. After the initial session with Elle it was clear that she brought a warmth and presence, even from a physical distance. Working with Elle has enabled me to see aspects of my life from a new and much clearer perspective. I would absolutely recommend Elle’s methods to anyone looking to bring more clarity to their current situation.”
SJ. Nurse