There is so much influence in the world of pulling you this way and that way. There are many different agendas to navigate. Here is a video where I talk about discerning the light vs. the false light.  Recognizing Malevolent Beings I hope this helps you with your journey of cultivating your relationship with the divine at this time and navigating the shades of light that are not the light.    

Recognizing the light and shades of light

There is a warmth that exudes from the light. It is something to feel versus look at as the light can be tricky. Think of the physically beautiful person who actually isn’t beautiful on the inside. The light is the same. In fact, Grifters and Con People have a way of shining a false light around them. There is often a sparkle that is alluring and many people get tricked by this sparkle and charisma.

false light

Recognizing the false light

It can be tricky because the false light looks good. One way I can tell,  if it gets people to virtue signal. Give up their sovereignty for the good of others. Is their a righteousness to it. If there is righteousness? Then this is an indication of false light. Righteousness has a feeling in the body. It is meaty. That is why it is so confusing and enticing at the same time. The light is weightless and empty. It is harder to lean on vs. the weight of the false light. It is much like false humility vs. humility. You can feel false humility. 

Now more than ever is the time to lean into the Divine and do the inner work to step deeper into your sacred relationship and do the work of stepping out of the false light which beckons.