Meditating and Raising a Family often do not go hand in hand. Finding the time to meditate can be difficult. Developing my deep solo meditation practice at home has benefited my family far more than I had ever anticipated. My husband and I committed to meditating at home since our children were small.

 Keep Your Meditation Practice a Mystery




We had a teacher early on in our meditation practice who advised us not to push meditation or spirituality on our children, but to keep it a mystery.

 It created a sense of awe for my children and they felt the space of it versus having any mind about God / The Source or what you want to call it. Unbeknownst to us, they felt this beautiful presence land in the house as we did our work. It wasn’t until they were older that they shared their experience. They asked questions, but we heeded the advice we had from our teacher, Samuel Sagan, and did not engage in much discussion or headiness around our meditation or spiritual practice.

Meditation and Quiet Time

We had rules.  When we meditated, they were to be in their rooms with no media, having quiet time. Looking back, I realize this created a quiet space in the house. As media was turned off and they could feel something precious land. Initially, we had no idea of the space and experience we were creating for our children.

 Our quiet time slowly increased from twenty minutes to two hours. One would expect this to be too much time; however, it created a time where my kids could be self-disciplined and self-entertained without media or adults. I knew we had something special when my teenage son asked me to do some meditating in his room. He wanted to create a better energy in his room. He could feel it! As teens, I could hear them come into the house when I was meditating. Interestingly, my kids would ask their friends to be quiet as my kids would just know and feel the energy in the house.

 Your Children Experiencing Source Energy / God

 In fact, talking with many kids and adults in my life, I have noticed that many don’t have the experience of the Source or God. It is still a belief for them. Even to the point where I know a priest’s son who is an atheist. How on earth could this be? I give thanks for the advice of not over explaining God, but letting them have their own experience and learn to respect the energy.

Truly, I must say meditating while raising children had growing pains. When having a baby one can’t just leave them in their room. So, I let my son crawl around me and on top of me. Those were the most special days. Then as he grew he would venture away and I soon learned that he needed to be in his room, so that I could let go, and not have to peak to see what he was up to.  To go deep into meditation spaces, one needs to truly let go and know their kids are safely occupied. Now I would like to add safely ensconced so they can be in the Energy and develop a relationship with it without us as parents even being involved. I encourage you to take precious time for yourself even if you have children.