The Planet Venus is at it’s brightest this evening and this gives you the opportunity to step into the Venusian qualities and land them more into your body of energy.

Step 1

Just star gaze and it is best to gaze at it through your third eye and let it light up your Venusian Soul Force. In other words, eye contact the Planet Venus and feel qualities of Venus. This is fun to do with someone else. As you look at Venus, feel and share your perception.

On a Higher Mode Qualities of Venus:

  • Sophisticated
  • Grace
  • Shininess
  • Flow
  • harmony
  • Certain light of the etheric – astral body
  • Necessary  to be in a beautiful environment
  • Ability to enjoy
  • Living into the day
  • Sensitive
  • Easy to get along with as there is a certain lightness
  • Likes people
  • Caretaker of the earth

Step 2

See if you can feel these qualities in you. If you do, spread into them as you stargaze with the third eye. Enjoy the feeling in your body of energy. One of the reasons to star gaze Venus is to resonate with the higher mode.

The lower mode of Venus shows up in your life like this:

  • Can indulge
  • Don’t like conflict – will try to get rid of it – instead of dealing with conflict.
  • Would not want to hurt someone but with a can be most violent by accident and not realize it at the time. This is much like a blockage.
  • Can be an activist – Woke. See the difference of the Woke cancel culture and Black Lives that gets angry and righteous versus the Freedom Convoy that are leaning on love. It is very different. See how they are wanting freedom for all versus some.
  • Vain, superficial
  • Two faced because of dislike of conflict
  • Looking for lost love
  • -To picky for falling in love – maybe because of being hurt
  • Can lose themselves in relationships

If you can’t seize the opportunity tonight with Venus at it’s greatest brightness, there are other nights to do this third eye opening practice when it is visible in the sky.

Creating an abundantly free life within yourself.

If you notice that the Lower Mode of Venus is impacting your life, seize the opportunity and work with Elle in private sessions as she is trained to deconstruct these lower mode planetary forces and shift people to the higher home of planetary forces.