Experiencing a Heart Opening is a tender process that can be learned

Have you ever noticed how sometimes people fall in love, and then one person sabotages it or gets upset at their partner? Usually is over something minor? That minor thing can get blown out of proportion. After being at many Intensives that involved conscious ‘heart opening,’ I realize what is happening in the sabotage. At the time of opening the heart which can be like intimacy and falling in love, the opening is all consuming, which can get unconsciously uncomfortable.

Heart opening is often is followed by a heart closing. For example, so many times I have seen my peers at Intensives being in the heart space, and then getting mad at someone or something. To them, the event is huge, but to others observing, it is petty.  I remember being at a two week Meditation Intensive where we opened our hearts amid much silence and chanting; Angelic Connections were landing in the temple space moment after moment; hour after hour. Bliss, love, enchantment…

Then the Intensive ended, and my friends and I jumped in the cab to go to the airport. We were in bliss with our heart opening. Then suddenly, we all had a complete flip out at the cab driver for taking a longer route, and cheating us out of our fare.  I realized afterwards what happened there. It was like decompressing. As humans, we open, and then close a little bit. So, bit by bit we open that much more (hopefully). So, unfortunate for the Cabby, he received our heart closing. It is kind of sad as we didn’t even make it to the airport.

When has this closing of the heart opening happened to you?

Catching the Closing of the Heart Opening

Now being aware of this, it is one of the signs I see when I have opened. Catching my heart opening when suddenly I am mad at someone, and over react. Later I see how petty that was. Catching the closing is the art of opening, and realizing ‘I am closing.’

Moreover, if you can catch that you are in a heart opening, and see the desire to close. Then be tender with yourself. It can be days during which an opening can occur, and the desire to go to an old habit is always waiting in the wings. If you are in a new relationship, maybe take some quiet time. Feel what is coming up and the desire to push someone away.  You can feel suddenly angry, and justified in anger when having just gone through a heart opening or when resisting an opening.

In essence, this anger or hurt is something to watch for.  I feel that many on the planet are going through a shift and have the desire to open more so than ever before.  The more we open, the more it shifts not only ourselves,but those around us.

heart opening

A beautiful example of experiencing a heart opening

One example of holding a heart opening is the video below. Watch the judges open their hearts and have a true opening experience. Simon holds his heart ever so preciously. I am not a Simon fan, but here he demonstrates how to hold an opening.

He is so open that he is being with it. He steps away realizing he does not need to be social in that moment. If he spoke at the last minute of the clip, instead of holding the silence, parts of that precious heart opening could be lost. The female judge in my opinion, is open. However, in the last minute she focused on someone else (Simon). Therefore, not holding the opening as well. You decide.

 It says it is unavailable but press the link and it will work.

May your heart experience many tender openings,


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