Sleep Paralysis Resolution

Sleep paralysis isn’t ‘just’ a neurosis, a base fear, a nightmare, or a hallucination. I am here to tell you that it could well be a real experience. Have you felt that sensation when lying in bed, of being awake and unable to move? Of having a weight on your chest, and perceiving something sitting there. Many people have this common experience. You can go out of your body or into the altered state of consciousness of lucid dreaming, and have this energetic experience. As I see it, if this is you, I see you as gifted as you are remembering an experience during sleep. Importantly, it could be an attachment. We can clear it.  We can resolve it.

Sleep paralysis can be resolved

Sleep Paralysis Can Be An Attachment Sitting On Your Chest

Sleep paralysis can be a perception of feeling something on your chest or body. It could in fact be a real energy and not a figment of your imagination. There are such beings, as I have written about on my website. I call them entities which are just energetic fragments, so no need to freak out. Some will call them earth bound spirits, but truthfully they are not even that. Ancient priests used to know about these things, but now this is becoming an area of lost knowledge. Healers, on the fringe are now the ones dealing with attachments. You are not crazy or neurotic.

Clearing the Attachment to Resolve Sleep Paralysis

If you suspect an attachment, I am a qualified clearer and can remove such a being or help you to learn to navigate back into your body without fear if it is not an attachment. If you are not in my area then I can guide you to someone who is in you area. Learn to see from your deepest level what is going on in these regression sessions. When you work with a qualified clearer, you will find that if you have an attachment haunting you, it is not actually that scary. Seeing it for what it is can be very empowering and can help you with your health as they are parasitic in nature. It certainly is not a friend, but being aware of it is important and equally empowering. If I am describing you, then this is many steps ahead of people who never perceive anything. So, I congratulate you on your perception.

I am excited to help you work with, to reclaim your night’s sleep and release these experiences.  You deserve a good night’s sleep.

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