Sleep paralysis isn’t a neurosis, a base fear, a nightmare, or a hallucination. I am here to tell you that it could well be a real experience. Have you felt that sensation when lying in bed, of being awake and unable to move? Of having a weight on your chest, and perceiving something sitting there. Many people have this common experience. It is often an attachment or entity that landed into your body of energy. If left it can further integrate into your body of energy and fester as an energetic parasite. The Bible talks of casting out these spirits so this is nothing new and yes it can be cleared creating more light in your energetic body. That means more light in your thought process.


sleep paralysis


Sleep Paralysis Can Be An Attachment Sitting On Your Chest

Some will call an attachment or entity an earth bound spirit, but truthfully they are not even that. Ancient priests used to know about these things, but now this is becoming an area of lost knowledge. You are not crazy, dark or neurotic. Think of it as you are perceptive and sensitive as many people live with these things and don’t perceive them. They are however influenced by them.

A negative influence is good to clear out of your energy so that you can be more of the real you. The way I work with sleep paralysis is to take you into an “Inner Sight Journey” where you see for yourself what happened that night. What is it? Where did you go? What is that weight? Really look at it for yourself.

By looking at the sleep paralysis with a Healer, it takes the scary out of the situation. It doesn’t take long before you feel very empowered. By doing this you can feel more in control of your body and night space. It might be that it can be unhooked fast or take a few more sessions to work through the trauma of where you go. Meanwhile unhooking from the attachment or space of consciousness that you traveled into.

Regardless this is empowering as meanwhile you are stepping more into third eye vision and perception. Clearing trauma that you have been perhaps hooked to for years or lifetimes. Think of sleep paralysis as a wake up call. Ok I couldn’t resist that one. It is like a bad dad joke. All kidding aside, it could be the biggest awakening shift of your life because working on this issue can be a whole shift in your consciousness.

Clearing the Attachment to Resolve Sleep Paralysis

Many people think they can clear attachments and entities themselves. This is what an entity will tell you as it doesn’t want to go. If you could clear it then you wouldn’t have it in the first place. As a qualified clearer and can remove such a thing or help you to learn to navigate back into your body without fear if it is not an attachment.

Learn to see from your deepest level what is going on in these ‘Inner Sight Journey’ Sessions. When you work with a qualified clearer, you will find that if you have an attachment haunting you, it is not actually that scary. Seeing it for what it is, can be very empowering and can help you with your health as they are parasitic in nature. It certainly is not a friend, but being aware of it is important and equally empowering. If you don’t have an attachment then you can at least see what the heck is happening to cause sleep paralysis.

I am excited to help you work with, to reclaim your night’s sleep and perhaps release these parasitic energies that actually can affect your relationships, sex life and health. Clearing them gives you a new lease on life.

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