A practice of being mindful

Being mindful can help you track your thoughts and help you recognize if you have an energy attachment that is not yours. For example, have you ever thought something or said something and didn’t mean or intend for it to come out that way? Have you made it a practice to do this and realize it can be oddly difficult? Like there is something else going on. Random thoughts that are familiar, but have a negative tone.

You could be looking at an attachment /entity. Really, the word ‘entity’ is not a good word. The one’s I deal with and clear for people are more like fragments of astral energy. They are not Demons and the scary likes that I have never really come across.

In my energy work, they are little fragments of astrality that feel like you but when you are mindful you can recognize they are not really yours but seem like yours. That is because they resonated with you in the first place. They resonate with the negative voice within.  It is just nature’s way of amplifying an issue that is already there.  In a way it is like a pointer saying ‘look here’ at this issue. The not so nice part (shadow).

Being mindful can help you track thoughts that can be an attachment

How do they sound? You will be going about your day being mindful and you will get a thought that you are used to but you can’t control it as it just comes. They are never positive thoughts. Examples of thoughts are:

“I wish he/she would shut up.”
“What’s the point”
“I just want to be alone”
“I am tired of this…”
“I need a drink”
“I am fed up”
“I can’t”

The thoughts are like record players. They just go off. When you feel this fragment, shall we call it (as they are not scary), you will get into states such as being agitated, tired, restless, numbness, wanting to withdraw from people and foggy headed.

They tend to crave specific food such as sugar, pasta type heavy meals, meat and alcohol. So, watch the cravings and what happens, and then the thoughts after you give into the craving.

An Explanation Model of Attachments

Below, is a simple explanation I found on the web. I don’t agree with everything he said. For example, I don’t feel they are earth bound spirits. They are more of a habit from a departing soul who went to the light and the habit and a very slight bit of consciousness remained.  One of the books the speaker recommends is by my teacher Samuel Sagan, MD., who trained me for this important subject. Enjoy and if you suspect such a thing, you know where I am. I love to remove these for people, so that they can own a higher state of themselves.

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