Thunderwand-Kriya WORKSHOP

The Thunderwand-Kriyā

Taught by Yogi Ashok Zaman


This six-week course is not only an introduction to a set of techniques and practices of meditation that follow on from the Third-Eye mediation and the work of developing vision, but can also be taken as a form of initiation and transmission. It is an empowerment that plugs you into the energy of a living tradition and lineage. Of course, this does not mean anything binding. The only commitment required is that you practice the techniques with earnestness and sincerity. But where there is genuinely transmission, your practice is empowered and therefore much more likely to work.

Over the six weeks you will be introduced one-by-one to a sequence of Kriyās, which involves techniques of Prāṇāyāma combined with the cultivation of stillness, together forming the practice of Thunderwand-Kriyā. It is a practice designed to awaken and purify the subtle conductivity of the Central Channel or Suṣumnā Nādī, transforming it into a subtle vehicle for unshakable inner calm, with the capacity to hold ecstatic voltages of spiritual presence: the Vajrā Nādī. Vajrā can be translated as “thunder”, “thunderbolt”, “diamond” or “indestructible.” And nādī, means “channel” or “pipe.” Thus the idiom of capturing “lightning in a bottle” is not inappropriate!

In other words, it facilitates an alchemical process of subtle body transformation out of which the Thunderwand is born.

Prerequisite: You must have a current meditation practice that incorporates the third eye and the charkra system or have a meditation practice that rests in stillness.


Starts Tuesday evening March 14

6 weeks Workshop

Classes 2 hours long – 7-9pm pst

No class April 18

Last class April 25