Modern civilization has lost rituals around the death process and death from a shamanic perspective can help society.


It is important to understand these rituals, so that you can grieve as well as protect your energy. Also, to best support someone who is dying and support their loved ones.

For a time before, during and after death a shattering of consciousness takes place for the person who is dying. The dying person’s light body gathers and gets ready to take flight, taking with it all that is beautiful and harmonious into the Great light. It can be a sacred and beautiful time when the Spirit leaves.

Death Can Bring Aspects of Transpersonal Healing For You.

A healing for you can take place by offering your emotions and feelings when the Great Light arrives. This is a time to feel your heart, and grief for days afterwards; Feeling and being with your grief. Letting your departed one know how how much love, anger, fear and grief is there. It is a time to be extra devotional, nurturing with self love.

Death and unraveling the ego.

For the person who has passed or is about to pass. The parts of consciousness that don’t resonate with the light don’t go on this journey into the light. How fortunate that the dying person gets this release and reprise. The parts of the ego that don’t go with the deceased, dissolve and ideally can be lifted out with the Great Light at the time of death.

Sometimes, the part of the ego remains as it is not lifted out at the time of death. It can stay in the land as an Earth Bound Spirit. You can accidentally welcome it into your body of energy thinking the loved one is around you. This is why it is not a good idea to keep Earth Bound Spirits (ghosts) in houses but to get them cleared.

Catching an Earth Bound Spirit

This is unfortunate, as you can unintentionally welcome it into your energy. If this happens, it will stay hidden for a lifetime. You have a natural protection from catching these fragmented pieces of the deceased; however, at the time of our grief and unconsciousness, you are more vulnerable. Unfortunately, the part that one can catch is not the beautiful part but the part that didn’t go to the light. It is not the transformed part of the person. Equally, if an Earth Bound Spirit has been in a house, you can or most importantly, children are susceptible to catching them.

Death and how to stay protected while someone is dying.

Avoid sugar, meat, alcohol and mind altering drugs during this time and for three weeks afterwards. Avoid arguments which unfortunately can happen at this time. Some cultures take extra care to have clean houses so that Earth Bound Spirits don’t stay. It gives another reason why clutter is important to clear away.

The more devotional to Spirit that you can be, the more you will assist the dying and you will be protected.

When you suspect that you caught something as the deceased’s energy is always around you.

You might feel like something is not quite right and blame an old accident that is causing this pain. Most blame sugar, gluten, meat for the problem that is affecting you now, but this can be a symptom. If you suspect something like this then it is beneficial to see a qualified clearer ( exorcist – but I don’t like that word). Sadly, most traditions and religions have lost this knowledge and skill. Now, it is Shamans and Energy Workers that have the skill.

In conclusion, having a loved one die can be a time for you to turn more to your spiritual connection. When you have a tear in your eye and look to the light there will be a rainbow in the tear drop. Importantly, take awareness to protect yourself from this natural time of your loved one’s transition.

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