Hello and thank you for opening this. We are at a crucial point where the more of us awaken, the more impact we can have of our future.

To spiritually awaken when we are from such a wealthy culture, can be difficult as we don’t like to step out of our comfort zone. We have become a complacent with all this wealth which is a real problem as we are losing our freedom. You are here now reading this so this is exciting that so many are wanting to awaken and step into sovereignty. It is going to take some discomfort so it is all up to your self talk and developing ways to maneuver around and heal the inner critic.

Near the end of this video, I talk about tips to awaken out of complacency. You may find it a little triggering, however changing our way of thinking to inwardly being kind can really empower you. The world needs us to step up and out of fear, seperation and programming.