I Am The Flame


Welcome to a unique and beautiful spiritual experience with others. One that is held for you. Enter into the container that is held by David and Elle. There is a menu to choice for you here. Choose morning meditations, and evening meditations with practices that support your column of spirit and relationship with yourself and God/Source - we allow all names. All for a low price of $33 a month.

Attend consistently or jump in when you can.

We call this group I AM THE FLAME as that is exactly what we re working on becoming burning flames of light.


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    Rise and Shine


    Uplift the start of your day by joining us in a guided meditation joining others in the sacred virtual space. Helping you connect deeply to your column of spirit, third eye, voice, heart, will center and your inner child. Experiencing you and deeper levels.

    Monday-Saturday (6 days a week)

    You are welcome to attend part of this meditation if you are not used to meditating this long. More isn't necessarily better.

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    Continue to Rise and Shine


    Monday-Saturday (6 days a week)

    Simple guided meditation. Working on strengthening your relationship with Source and your higher self. Meditating on one third eye, voice, heart, will center and inner child.

    If you are new to meditation, you can pop in for however long you want and don't need to stay for the full meditation. There is no peer pressure in this group.

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    Tuesday Evenings


    With the intensity of meditation and guided practices, we will go deeply and softly into cultivating your inner chakra system for inner strength, and supportive intuitive vision. Tapping into a working with your inner child for sovereignty. (At first the inner child is often wounded and yet holds so much wisdom and divine spark. - in this group we tap into and work on this together in some evenings)

    Expect activations and transmissions.

    See for yourself how you are much more than this body, gender and intellect. Strengthen your energetic muscles so you are not influenced by the Collective fear and programming. Our focus is aligning with the Source/God/Ascended Masters.

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    Thursday Evenings


    Autumn Schedule

    With a focus on a Sacred Text we open our hearts and minds together. Now we are reading The Mother by Sri Aurobindo. As we read this together, contemplate and meditate on this work we are enveloped in the arms of the Mother.

    Expect deep spaces to land. As the space shifts, we will be flexible and align with it. That being the case expect to work on your inner child and move into other practices to help solidify your energy and for continuing to be on your awakening path.

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    Enter into the Sacred Space

    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. You can cancel anytime.

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    Included in this monthly group is our Facebook Group where the intention is to bring light to this platform with our sharing and bring us closer together.