Shadow Alchemy Work Leads You to the Source

the Divine, to Your Self

I am captivated by own internal shadow work, as it is alchemy when done in energy work. It is where I dive into my own reactions. Where the session is held by someone who can hold me in the light of the divine. It is a quick way to access your spiritual connections, Source and align with them. Oh my gosh, there is nothing like spiritual worlds loving you. Aligning and spreading into the arms of the divine. There is nothing like getting in touch with the Self. Pure glory. In contrast, most people like to have immediate gratification. Lie on the table and feel someone healing them. Feel the good in themselves. All I can say, theyare missing out on the ride of their life.

Processing by talking to our friends from the shadow

People will talk with friends at length about their pain, and hurts from their shadow self. “He said this to me…”, “”this happened to me…” and “she did this …” This talk is not the healing “work”. It is using the astral body. It might feel like exploring, but mostly these conversations go in loops, for days and even years. I know this as not only do I see this in most people, but I have been there. So, no judgement.

Notice your stuff coming up at work or your next family gathering. Are you bothered by Uncle Joe’s drinking? Bothered perhaps by your Aunt’s conversation. All of these things that bother you, are your treasures for avenues into accessing higher dimensions. They allow you to go into your shadow. You can avoid using these issues. By considering them the other person’s problems and annoying personality; however, use this as a ticket into the alchemical gold within you. Seriously!

Working on my shadow lead me to non reaction and true alchemy

shadow work leading to alchemyUsing myself as an example. One Christmas there was a family reunion, I would trigger around a certain in-law. You know how there can be that one annoying person in a family. The saying is ‘there is one in every crowd’. This is what I am talking about, for this example. Wanting to step past my reactions to this person, I seized the opportunity. I had an energy work healing session, almost every day for the seven days. Sounds pricey and time consuming, but I used it as a mini healing intensive.

During those sessions, my frustration came up of having him dominate family conversations. Feelings of being judged.  A sense feeling powerless would come around me with such a strong dominating personality. Going into these layers, surprisingly a past life ( reincarnation ) theme of being a slave was prevalent.  By going into this past life of slavery, my throat chakra started to open more and heal. Energy around my ankles solidified as I always had problems with my ankles. I used to trip alot. My neck muscles would tighten and constrain. It turned out that as a slave I had been bound in metal contraptions during captivity.

Using the shadow to reach deep spiritual spaces to the Source. The truest love.

In those profound energy work sessions, I released this deep pain of using my annoyance of this in-law. It was my ticket into hidden aspects of myself. Now, when I see this person, I feel an inner boundary. I feel empowered with grace, and inner strength. This is what I am talking about; by using what bothers you as your treasure house into Source energy and allowing your energy to transform and resonate with higher dimensions.

Before, I had negative thoughts around this person. Such as, “I wish he would shut up.” Almost everyone in the room still does. They role their eyes all the time behind his back. I don’t though.   You see, your feelings of anxiety, betrayal, annoyance and powerlessness are your ticket in! They are not to be avoided and put under the carpet or used as conversation pieces.

In conclusion, we vibrate with people who resonate with us, making them our friends. These wonderful friends love us and tend to help keep us in a loop. Also, the loop they are most likely also in. Using conversations of annoyance as a way to bond with you. Step out of that toxic way of being and use your reactions to enter into the realms of Source where it heals you in utter alchemy by using your shadow self. 

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