Sessions are held at Soul Works Studio in Edmonds (Picnic Point area), WA (easy access to Hwy. 99 and Freeways in Seattle) or over Skype.  All sessions are 1.5 to 2 hour sessions

   $150 Introductory Session: Schedule Appointment  


     Elle Session:                        Schedule Appointment  


     Taste of Sunshine:            Schedule Appointment
     Sliver of Silver:                 Schedule Appointment
     Free Phone Call:                Schedule Appointment
Interested and want to talk to Elle first. Schedule a free phone call. 
Additionally, call Elle if you are interested in booking a Nature Activation Session or interested in her looking at a house or business.
     Check-in call: Also, if you are working with Elle, and would like a check-in with her, she is happy to take some time and talk to you about things that are coming up for you. Schedule under Free Phone Call above.