Reflections Around Mother’s Day

I have been sitting with “Mother’s Day”. All my feelings around it. Not wanting to leave other’s out who didn’t have human children. Yet, in doing that there is something lost. Everyone has had something to process around their mother. Perhaps it is a time, if we don’t celebrate ourselves as a mother, to delve into the wounds of it. It really touched me to have friends say Happy Mothers Day to me and I knew full well how much they wanted to have their own children. What do I do to receive their blessing and to acknowledge the grace in them? So much love.

I want to honor those who gave birth. Who suffered in childbirth. Who reaped the rewards and those that didn’t get to. So much processing and honoring of the process of motherhood. From what I know of any mother who I have talked to it has been the most beautiful part of life and the hardest that brings a mother to her knees like nothing else.
I think it is a day not to lose perspective on.  The wounds around mother are huge and somewhere I heard a Master such as Steiner or Sri Aurobindo say, the love of a mother can heal a thousand samscaras that the child came in with. Wow, for years I have sat with that, as that could be such a  huge gift to a person.
Whatever comes up for you around this day is part of the processing. I think I am going back to calling it “Mother’s Day ” vs. “Divine Feminine Day” as it brings up stuff for people. Happiness, joy, sorrow and deep pain. The more we process on the planet the more healing can happen for everyone. Well, that is my thought today and that can change tomorrow.