WELCOME! This Meditation Offering is like no other. At least that is what we are hearing from experienced meditators to beginners.


Monday through Saturday you are invited to a live face to face Zoom Guided Meditation through the energy centers and working on the inner child. 8:00-8:45am PST. You can shorten this meditation. Come for 5-10 minutes and lengthen your meditation as you feel fit. This is designed to support you.

This Yogi meditation is designed for you to feel into the Connection of Source Energy and take that into your morning meditation. With this Sacred Space that lands, you will take it into each energy center from above your head cultivating will, and your higher Self. Moving down to your personal energy below your body that rests on Sacred spaces below. We are also cultivating a deep relationship with our inner child.

Tuesday Evenings:

We meet face to face over Zoom. We give you Yogi trainings in meditation. So many tips, activations and transmissions. We cultivate vision, intuition, Higher Self Awareness, heart energy center cultivation for radical self love that can over flow to those around you, belly energy center cultivatation for moving through life in confidence. We are all about leaning into the Sacred and developing more of it in our energy system! Along with Inner Child practices.

Thursday Evenings:

This evening is flat out unique! We meet face to face over Zoom. We meditate and read a sacred text. We discuss it and land deep spaces to meditate in. No nonsense spaces! We share, cry and laugh together.

Special Evenings of Ritual

Yes, we meet at powerful times such as Equinox, Solstice, special Full Moons.... to bring it on! Be steeped in these powerful time windows where the Sacred can see us more and we can receive into our Sacred Container that we are building as a group and individually.

Real Life:

Oh yah, why stop there! We meet face to face in person, if you are in Seattle to socialize around the fire pit. We do special games such as Astrology Charades for example.


Do I need to join every morning? Absolutely not. Nothing is mandatory. You can custom this offering to your liking.

Can I show up to meditate in the mornings for a shorter time? Yes! If 5, 10, or 15 minutes is right or you, you can come in and out when you please. Just quietly and respectfully.
Do I need to be there both evenings? You get to show up to whatever evening you want. You don't need to be consistant; however, most people look forward to the evenings. So much so that we offered them 7 days a week for months and to our surprise people showed up. But hey, two nights is pretty good.

All this for a low $22

Yes, you can try us out. We would love to meet you in this Sacred Container.