I am sharing parts of my journey and maybe it will spark something in you or give you an ‘aha’ of what could be happening for you on your journey of awakening.

I love the space I create when I make tea. I’ve always wondered where this love of the tea ceremony and the precious moments of brewing came from. I believe that it comes from a past or parallel life I discovered in an ISIS session. In the session I found myself as a male living by myself in a little cabin in the mountains, living a life dedicated to meditation. I could feel the space of  getting out of bed in utter peace, making tea, preparing food  and doing chores. There is an air of ceremony in every action and every movement. A specific intention of connection to the divine within.  This space leading to sitting and meditating.    

The first time I reached into this life, I/he was meditating naked in the snow. I learned about going into a deeper stillness and I could feel his ability of reaching  into the cosmos and bringing that within me.  Now, years later when I meditate at special astrological times I find myself within this same space meditating, there in that body. 

 Photo taken by Elle in Sedona 2020

After reaching into him in a few healing sessions my meditations grew in stillness. Yet, I remember a time after that where I could barely sit. I had hit a layer in my energy that was very antsy. It took everything in me to show up and sit through this fire that was burning something in me. I wanted to rock, to shift, to fidget. I knew to stay put and not move a muscle so this antsy layer would shift. So there I sat in an antsy frustration for a time period. I was fortunate enough to be able to do several ISIS sessions throughout this time, allowing me to move through this faster than most. The ISIS sessions didn’t feel that important at the time but they allowed me to break through this utter antsy feeling in my body, instead of just quitting meditating or sitting in this frustration like many people would.

Sometimes I reach these spaces of angelic sound that are high above me. It is like the most precious and beautiful symphony. I can feel a part of myself there in utter grace and I feel me below, Elle, moving up to meet this angelic sound that is silent yet present. I am grateful for all the meditations I have done that cultivate the structure in my column of spirit to keep deepening to meet these Connections.

I remember meditating in these spaces and then going about my daily life and hitting a trigger. My trigger used to be responsibility. One day when I was on a walk I intuitively knew that it was time to get a dog. I came across a notice of a dog and as soon as I saw her I knew this was my dog. We had an instant bond and yet within a day of getting her I fell and found myself bed ridden in pain. There I was with parts of my body seizing up. Never mind meditating at that point. I thought the pain was from a past injury that reactivated with the fall. Then, I realized in ISIS sessions that it was the responsibility of looking after her that put my body out and probably why I fell. I didn’t realize I was carrying this fear.  A big layer was cleared out with those sessions and I incorporated body work as the body physical jammed, there was new awareness into myself. After that, I would go through times where it was easy to sit and meditate with zero pain.  And then some trigger would engage and my body would have pain again or I would hit a layer of resistance and I could find reasons to not sit. I persevered in my meditation practice letting it all come up and worked through it with ISIS sessions. Perseverance in meditation was key for me. 

I haven’t had pain when I meditate in a long time. Despite feeling pretty great, recently, I found myself being a little short tempered. I turned to spiritual energy work sessions to illuminate what was happening and in session three days ago, I found that unconsciously the fear of what is going on in the world was affecting me. The session helped me to clear a life that felt familiar to my reaction to what is happening now and then. Through that I delved deep into a life that was magnificent!  Where I had tapped into a glorious space, far beyond what I have landed in this life. Now as I sit and meditate, I aspire to keep tapping into that space that I knew so well in a past life. It  inspires me to keep on meditating as I know I am aligning to it as long as I don’t grasp after it and let my ego get it’s head in there. 


Retrieve parts of you that are stuck in alternate spaces. Source negative thoughts that do not belong in your energy. Ultimately strengthen your relationship with the Divine and source things to the root.