Online Meditation and Awakening Group

I AM The Flame

Morning Meditation

Monday through Saturday we meet on Zoom . Guided Meditation through the energy centers and working on your inner child.

– 8:00-8:45am PST.
– You can shorten this meditation.
– Come for 5-10 minutes and lengthen your meditation as you feel fit.

This Yogi meditation is designed for you to have experiences of Source Energy and rest on it in your morning meditation. Allowing you to be imbued in Source energy throughout your energetic system.

Expect to be happier, more aligned and energetically stronger so that you are not caught in waves of the Collective emotions.

Tuesday Evenings

Yogi meditation practices to cultivate: 

– Intuition
– Higher Self awareness
– Inner child
– Heart energy center cultivation for radical self love that can over flow to those around you
– Belly energy center cultivation for moving through life in confidence.

We are all about leaning into the Sacred and developing more of it in our energy system! Along with Inner Child practices. You will receive techniques to over come overwhelm and gaining better focus.

We Meet At Powerful Times

There are powerful time windows where the Divine can reach us a little easier. We can sense more and receive more.

– New Moon
– Equinox
– Full Moon
– Solstice

Elle is a compassionate and generous leader. She shares her experience and extensive training throughout each meditation class. She gently leads, in a firm sort of way, wanting the best for everyone. She genuinely respects and enjoys the diversity. If you want more for yourself, she also offers one on one sessions that are amazing.”

D. Kocher

“Elle and David Kerr-Wilson facilitate this meditation group so that both those brand new to meditation, and those with many years of experience, learn, grow, and engage practice both more deeply, and more fully. I’d already been meditating for over 20 years when I started with this group, and I’ve found that my practice, and my life, have moved to a whole new level I did not even know was possible! An additional benefit to being a member of this community is the connections I have with the people in the group: authentic, powerful, heart-centered, and soul deep.”

M. O'Brien

Up Coming Events

Do I need to join every morning?

Absolutely not. Nothing is mandatory. You can custom this offering to your liking.

Can I show up to meditate in the mornings for a shorter time?

Yes! If 5, 10, or 15 minutes is right or you, you can come in and out when you please. Just quietly and respectfully.

Do I need to be there in the evenings?

You get to show up to whatever evening you want. You don’t need to be consistent; however, most people look forward to the evenings. So much so that we offered them 7 days a week for months and to our surprise people showed up

I have never meditated before. Would this group be good for me?

You might want to pick up some private sessions with Elle to get you initiated into the space.