Ideally, your home is a place to nourish yourself. A place to be safe and held. A place to celebrate in and enjoy. It is also a place where you experience emotions, losses, problems and we can't help but to take them home. These emotions don't just stay in our body, hopefully not if processed well, they fall off of us and can accumulate in our house. The emotions and negative debri can accumulate in our house and get stuck. Like attracts like and negativity can have a magnetic pull attracting other energies from loved ones, other people in our life and even from around the neighborhood.


For work on spaces such as houses and businesses, Elle has teamed up with her daughter Hunter. Together they detect unwanted energies and clear this debri. Their services are below.

We remove stagnant energies from your home as well as fragmented energy and ghosts. When these are removed sometimes the home can be flat. We do a blessing to help land supportive energy into your home.

Expect a beautiful and nourished space!

As we live in a home we tend to put things to keep us comfortable yet can keep us unknowingly stagnant. For example, if we want a romantic relationship yet part of us doesn't, we can place things unconsciously to block romance.


There is an energetic grid that is natural. It can effect our health in negative ways causing illness and unease if sitting and sleeping on it. We can identify this for you. As well areas in your home that can nourish you.

Hunter has a soft and diplomatic way of supporting and rolling up her sleeves with you to move clutter and she has a talent for finding new ways to use space.


  • Painting - Hunter imprints walls with veils of color. In nature nothing is just one color. A leaf has many greens making it peaceful and restful for the eye to rest on. As she paints she imbues the walls with energy that you want to attract such as love, play, rest, creativity or angelic resonance. She also paints canvasses that are imprinted in healing energies. Visit her website here.