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Specializing in energetically aligning homes for everyone to thrive.

Our homes are more than places to be. They launch us in life. They are the back bone of support. As in Feng Shui, the inside demonstrates one’s inner world. We naturally place items to where we are comfortable in our inner world. This can create a stuckness and blind spots. One can say they want a relationship and yet align the home to do the opposite.

Water Color On Walls

Our rooms are like containers for our spirit. Energetically it can feel like your home has your back. It is in your energy and we know with ancient Feng Shui that how it is aligned and the very form of it impacts your life. There is a painting technique that my daughter Hunter has perfected. As he paints on walls she aligns with a beautiful energy of Creation and pours this onto your walls with water color. It gives an affect of added  luminosity and depth. Much like going out into nature and looking through the forest or water. It is layered with subtle hues and depth creating your eye and energy relaxation.

Clutter Clearing and Organization Support

Our belongs, how we organize our space to what is in our cupboards and storage lockers carries an energtic imprint in our etheric/prana. Sometimes this can energetically look like something sticky, foggy, or fuzzy around someone. Even seen as an extra weight. It is exciting to see someone truly clear out their physical stuff and see how their energy actually lightens.

Reasons for House Clearings &  Feng Shui

Get rid of the old energy and bring in the new.


Attracts a Positive Resonance

Removes stagnant and negative energies so that the new energy can support you. Once cleared there is a space of Divine Source energy that I leave in it’s place.

Can Help You Sell The House

Often houses have a hard time selling when there is an energetic issue or they come on the Market often.

Sleep Better

Fragments, and ghosts can enter into your dream state. For instance as a kid I used to dream about dying and being chased all the time. It was a boy ghost in my room and I was seeing his death. I saw this more when I worked with a Healer who specializes in Regression. The same work I now specialize in. We cleared the dreams and haunting from my energy as there was alot of unconscious fear in my system.

Creates a Space of Renewal

Clearing negative energy in your house is good to do occasionally. It gives you that added place to be safe and held. A place to celebrate in and enjoy. It is also a place where you experience emotions, losses, problems and we can’t help but to take them home. We clear this and then you can up keep it withsimple things like smudging, opening your windows everyday.

Can Mitigate Health Issues

There is potential to catch energies that impact the health of the host. It is rare that i meet someone that doesn’t have some sort of impaction. Partly because we as a culture we value the material world and ignore the other. It is not eveil to look at these things. In fact, I think it is more dark not to.

Influences Thoughts and Emotions

Yes, even though a small fragment that can’t even be seen or barely detected can actually throw energy around the room. Notice how you feel in certain houses. There is a consciousness in all houses.

About Elle

My teen years were spent in a spooky house. My parents didn’t believe me until the day my mom decided to have a business meeting at home. It turned out that the not only was this business person a lawyer, but also an Indian Chief. She walked into our home and instantly knew there was a problem in our house. Finally someone of intelligence validated my experiences. It is fair to say that this Indian Chief/Lawyer was my first role model and she laid a foundation for my path.

I remember thinking that one day it would be my mission to be just like her. To help people know they weren’t crazy. Often, children call ghosts invisible friends or not friends. I say,”call me.” Believe them when they say something is under there bed, in the closet, near the ceiling and even standing behind you. This is not said to scare you but to empower you with knowledge. Just simply get it checked out as children are vulnerable.

Alignment of Things

I first noticed how things affected our lives when I had a side gig of selling jewellery for a friend. Her jewellery was gorgeous and I needed to find unique places to carry her precious gems. I consigned some in a store that was in a different city. I woke up one night with the ping that the store was going bankrupt and I could lose the jewellery.

When I arrived the store had a completely different vibe! I commented on it and the store owner said she had a Feng Shui Consultation last night. “I had to do something different as I was going to lose the store.” Needless to say this is when I delved deep into Feng Shui.

Elle’s Approach For Energy Clearing

Free Conversation over the phone

First Consultation  held in your space $250

After our initial free conversation, if we decide to proceed, I arrive with my daughter Hunter and together we check out your place and see what is going on. If we detect something I come back another day to let myself sleep on it.

Clearing of Fragments $350+
We arrange a time for me to do the Clearing or Clearings if there are different fragmented energies.

Emotional Debris Clearing $500+
Once any ghosts or fragmented energies are removed,  Hunter and I get to work energetically uplifting your space. It might be able to be done on the same day of the clearing of fragments, invisible friends or ghosts. Feng Shui tips will be suggested so that you get the most out of your new space.

About Hunter

Hi, I’m Hunter. As a preteen I started lazuring with my mom. She had a side business of Feng Shui and Lazure painting. At the beginning I was mostly passing rags and brushes up the ladder, and determinedly I learned the art of lazure and we became a mother daughter team. As I was attending Waldorf school and later in high school and beyond, I would often paint on the weekends and school holidays with my mom, this is where I fell in love with the Lazure (lasur) painting technique and the potential it has to bring cosmic consciousness to the walls that surround us. My mom has now turned her focus to teaching meditation and soul healing work so I primarily paint on my own.

My abilities to jump in whenever I see a situation has brought me opportunities to help people clutter clear and see unique ways of using space. I additionally work as an Assistant to an Architect which means I do about anything from book keeping to running errands.

Hunter’s Approach

Free Conversation over the phone to see where you could use my talents.

Also, check out my work for Lazure Painting and Canvasses.


Getting Started is Easy

Chat With Elle

Elle welcomes a call to see what is going on in your home.

Chat With Hunter

Hunter welcomes you to call her about painting, clutter clearing and any organizational help you might need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of clearing a ghost?

There is a chance that if someone is vulnerable in the room such as drinking, drugs or experiencing trauma then the person could catch the entity, invisible friend or fragmented energy. It embeds in the system causing health problems and negative thinking.

Are there times you won’t clear a ghost or do clearings?

Yes, if the land is bad or demons involved. Then I refer you. Most people who call me just want there house to be clear and supportive.

Can smudging remove these energies?

No. In the past smudging really worked as people were not as incarnated. The emotions were not as imprinting. So smudging works as a maintenance along with opening your windows daily.

What is a fragment?

A tiny consciousness of a person. You often don’t see them, but feel them as a coldness. Sometimes there is a bit of a fog in the room.

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