• Clear blockages physically, emotionally and spiritually
  • Have your process held – absolute nurturing of your unfoldment
  • Witness your programs and shift them by releasing trauma for inner freedom and confidence
  • Receive deep healing and developing a deeper relationship with Source/ The Mother/The Magnificence
  • Come in touch with parts beyond the ordinary mind, states of simply 'being'.
  • Open the heart and allow true vulnerability
  • Understand and own your power centers
  • Receive transmissions - strengthening connection for pure alignment to angelic magnificence
  • Third eye – light body activations and site enhancement
  • Intuitive inspiration
  • Cultivate a stronger sense of being authentically seen.

Expect drug free journeying, regression, and deep spaces of sacred realization. Work over Zoom or in person in Edmonds, the Seattle Area.

At times, in other lifetimes, you have played in spaces of grace, beauty and magnificence.

Reclaim and raise your voltage!