Specializing in energetically enhancing homes for everyone to thrive

In our vision a happy home is a welcoming place which both physically and energetically supports everyone in it. It feels good, enhances people’s energy, vitality and clarity. In forging a happy home we help you create a foundation from which you can recharge and be the most in the world. Your home becomes the foundation from which your dreams can take flight.

Happy Home Services Offered


Feng Shui

The old masters questioned why people thrive in some areas and not in others. They observed key principles and revealed how form and function correlate. Over time these masters realized the same principles apply to people’s homes. This correlation of how form and function affects the human spirit became Feng Shui. Over time cultural aspects created an overlay. In our approach we peel it back to the initial core philosophy and principles of Feng Shui.

In a Feng Shui Consultation:

    • We start with why you want a consultation
    • What you wish to create.
    • Then we walk through your home and suggest adjustments to align your home to your aspirations.

In Person or Virtual Consultations


Clutter Clearing

Everything we own is connected to us. Our clutter is a physical metaphor for our inner life. Clutter tends to attract more clutter and creates a heavy, sticky and foggy energy in our body, mind and home. Clutter makes it even more difficult to let go of what is no longer needed. When our possessions become clutter, they end up possessing us and weighing us down.

In a Clutter Clearing Consultation

We start by clarifying:

    • Where you have clutter in your life
    • What has inspired you to let go of clutter
    • Which new space you would like to create

We assist you in discovering which possessions uplift, support and enhance your life and help you identify which are ready to go. There is a click in the space when a home has just the right amount of the right things.

ZOOM Consultation



We usually suggest homework for you to get things done between consultations so you can use the time with us most effectively.

Organizational Support

Clutter Clearing is a blessing in itself yet a home can still be disorganized with very little in it. Without proper organizational structure your home can still end up looking and feeling messy. A well organized home not only looks and feels good, it also saves you time since you can easily find your things. An organized home boosts your energy as it creates a clarity where ordinary tasks can be easily executed.

Regularly we see clients who have copied others’ organizational structure. In our experience people often end up struggling keeping this form of organizational structure because it has not been designed for their needs.

 In an Organization Consultation:

  • We start with helping you clarify how you are using and doing tasks in your home.
  • We clarify how you organized before and what has worked and not worked.
  • We use our experience to design your unique organizational structure which supports your specific way of living. It is easy to have blind spots in your home. We bring a fresh pair of eyes and can often see new ways of organizing your space.

ZOOM Consultation

We guide you to move things around, organize them and place them back.


We usually suggest homework for you to get things done between consultations so you can use the time with us most effectively.

Energetic Spring Cleaning

Just as our home collects physical debris, it collects energetic debris. Living life emits energy which over time accumulate as energetic debris impacting the quality of the home. If we suffer from depression, fear, anxiety, negative thoughts etc. the energetic debris builds up fast yet even if we live a joyful life energetic debris builds over time. Just as we need to do a physically deep clean after both being sick and a fun party, our home benefits from an energetic deep cleaning.

Energetic Spring Cleaning Consultation

  • We hear what is not working
  • We hear what you like to create
  • We roll up our sleeves and pull out all our bells and whistles to move out energetic debris
  • We bless your home and bring in new energy

In Person Consultations

Fragment Debris

Most spiritual traditions know about earth bound spirits. They get described in many ways, to name a few: invisible friends, ghosts, kuei, discarnate spirit, bhutas, entities, fragments, a feeling of being watched or something that makes the room feel cold.

We refer to these energies as fragment debris because these energies are not a whole being, only a part of a being which at death did not go to the light with the main part.  Because the fragment debris is only a piece they can be subtle, noxious, or benevolent and hard to detect. Other times they clearly emit negative emotions into the room.

Either way it is best to move them out to avoid them from influencing the home or even worse get tangled in someone’s energy. While healthy adults are most often safe from catching fragments it is known sickness and trauma can make people susceptible. Likewise children and pets are vulnerable, as they do not have the same emotional and mental solidity as healthy adults.

Unfortunately many spiritual traditions have lost the know how to detect, navigate and ultimately remove fragment debris.
It dramatically uplifts the space to move fragment debris out of your home. This helps everyone feel more safe, peaceful and grounded.

Fragment Debris Assessment Consultation

  • We walk through your home to detect what is going on
  • If we find fragment debris, we arrange for another appointment to clear it
  • We come back to do a ceremonial clearing ritual
  • Once cleared the fragment will never come back
  • We end by blessing your home leaving you with a good feeling

In Person Consultation Only


Spiritual Art


Paintings and Commissioned Art

It can boost the home to have art that is consciously painted to uplift the space. Art can also be commissioned, see Hunter’s art here. We have an array of paintings for sale. See our Etsy Store.

Water Color On Walls

We specialize in Lazure, a Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophical method of hand painting watercolor on walls to uplift and bring a conscious space to the home. It also brings a certain depth, beauty and luminosity to the walls. Lazure is in family with the Ombre painting style, both styles work with graduating color schemes in a sophisticated way. Yet where Ombre is solely focused on the look, Lazure is also focused on imbuing the walls with love and intention. Lazure is applied in a moving rhythmic motion while tapping into sacred states of consciousness and the space you want the wall to radiate. This could be a playful energy for a children’s room or rest and rejuvenation for bedrooms and meditation rooms. Lazure can be applied in every room of your home. From one wall to color transitions softly throughout the home.


Lazure Artist Consultation

  • We listen and help you identify your intention for your project.
  • We clarify the space and intention you want the wall, room or house imbued with. This could be a sacred, resting, playful, creative, dancing fun space etc.
  • We help you identify the colors you love.
  • This is an intuitive and spiritual project. We meditate on your project and let the colors and design come into the space in our dream life so your project comes alive.

Prices and timeline depend on the square feet of the surface, height of the ceiling, and how many hand painted layers of color are applied to achieve the depth and luminosity you want for the space.

Smaller projects take 3-4 days, bigger projects take longer.
Lazure Online Course

reasons for Pursuing happy home services

Get rid of the old energy and bring in the new

Attracts a Positive Resonance

All our Happy Home services focus on first removing stagnant and negative energies, then cultivating positive energy in the different energetic layers of your home. This brings a positive resonance for you to thrive in.

Mitigate Health Issues

An energetic clean home prevents you from catching fragments and energetic debris that causes health issues.

Improve Sleep

When we sleep we let go, drift off and dream travel. When something is not quite right in the home, it is harder to fall and stay asleep. Unconsciously we know there is a safety issue. When our home is energetically clean it supports us on every level and we feel safe, making it possible to mentally let go and let our physical body rest and recuperate.

Help Sell or Rent Your Realestate

Buildings which have fundamental energetic issues often return on the market and have a hard time renting or selling.

Removing unfavorable energy:

  • helps the building feel good and be more visible
  • helps attract buyers or renters
    makes it faster and easier to sell/rent
  • can help bring up the price



The Happy Home Team

About elle

What brought me into energy clearing for houses.

My teen years were spent in a beautiful modern custom built home. Unknowingly, my parents built it on a Native Burial Ground and it had haunting issues. Like many adults, my parents didn’t believe me. Until the evening a dinner guest arrived. She was a lawyer. However, she was also an Indigenous Chief. She walked into our home and instantly knew there was a problem. Finally someone of intelligence validated my experiences.


What brought me to Feng Shui

I was selling beautiful jewellery and consigned a large amount to a store.

One night I woke up intuitively knowing the store was going bankrupt and I could loose the jewelry. I quickly went to the store with intention to take the jewellery back.

When I arrived, the store had a completely different vibe! It felt successful. I commented on it and the store owner said she just had a Feng Shui Consultation. “I had to do something fast as I was going to lose the store.”  The store started thriving and my jewellery sold.

This experience inspired me to study and finally be Certified in Feng Shui by Blue Mountain Feng Shui in 2003.

 about Hunter

Clutter Clearing and Organization

People naturally reach out to Hunter for clutter clearing, and organizational help. People feel comfortable having her in their homes. She has the touch of seeing unique ways to use a space while making things beautiful, Venusian and having people feel cared for at the same time.

Energetic Spring Clearing

Hunter specializes in the spiritual art on walls to land a space. As well, canvasses. Hunter is also part of our team for Energetic Spring Clearing and blessing the space.

What brought Hunter to Lazure Painting.

As a preteen Hunter started lazuring with her mom, Elle. At the beginning she was mostly passing rags and brushes up the ladder, and determinedly she learned the art of lazure. They became a mother daughter team.  She fell in love with the Lazure (lasur) painting technique and how she can bring cosmic consciousness to the walls that surround us. While Elle has now turned her focus to teaching meditation and soul healing work,  Hunter primarily paints on her own.