David co-teaches meditation with Elle. His journey into meditation and mystical non-dimensional spaces started over 30 years ago. As a student of History David studied and learned about most of the world’s religions, and began to see the consistent and parallel aspects of spiritual practices and meaning.
This early exploration led David to a journey of discovery in Mysticism and Meditation, eventually leading him to spiritualism and energetic healing and ultimately to a Spiritual Master who he studied with for over 10 years.
David Specializes in helping clients discover and build their non-dimensional structures in a way that aligns with their higher self and higher purpose.
David has worked extensively with his wife, Elle and other self development practitioners. He works in the Tech Industry in Seattle and offers sessions that rest on meditation that work on dimensional structure for awakening to more of you.

Work With David

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    What it Looks Like

    David works with you to discover and align your non-dimensional structures with your higher self to create a healthy energetic space for you within. Awaken your spiritual senses.

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    How it Works

    During a session, David will help you move inward, and learn to use your inner vision to experience and build your spiritual landscape.

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    Why You Need It.

    Non Dimensional structure such as accessing on deeper levels the chakras above and below help you manifest more in the world.

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    What it Brings

    Through continued work, connection to your higher self and clean energy flows allow you to live a fuller more connect and spiritual life in the here and now.

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    Take the time to further your connection to your higher self and engage in healing on a soul level.

    "Being Realistic is the most common route to Mediocrity" -Will Smith

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