This is an important understanding: During this work discomfort will come up and being with discomfort is fundamental; feeling intense emotions during the release of electro-charged shock while the body is being infused with The Connection does not re-traumatize you. Remaining present inside the body while being with the intensity during the release of shock strengthens your will. Afterwards you may be extra vulnerable for days. This is a heart opening and takes an act of will to be with the opening. It is a fear-based thinking and programming that leads us to believe otherwise, and this strategy requires exposure, recognition, and illumination. This work has an intensity and if you can't meet it, this work isn't for you. That being said, the Connection will only bring to you what it knows you can handle.

Information for starting out with us


Good to watch for before your first session or meditation. Learn a way of breathing that helps you step out of thoughts. Sessions tend to rest on this breath so please give it a go. It will also help facilitate deeper states of consciousness.

Interesting Article about the Friction Breath for awakening.

Why am I exhausted after a session?

Often in the beginning people are more tired when starting sessions.

Flower Essences

Why am I not exhausted after a session? IS something wrong?


Process Support

Working with Elle, you might go through some very big expansions. With this, it is beneficial to support your human electrical system. You can recognize when your electrical system needs support as there is a very subtle current in your body. 



Clearing Ceremony