You’re Not Crazy

Are you one of the lucky ones that has been feeling emotional intensity firing up? Are old wounds rising up from out of nowhere? You’re not crazy. We have just moved out of a powerful Equinox where spiritual forces are at their strongest and astrologically speaking...

Heal now from the mess of childhood spankings

 Heal now from the mess of childhood spankings  As an energetic healer with a shamanic perspective, I observe that spankings cause an energetic mess for the rest of the child's life and it takes alot to heal this trauma. Spankings are a short term solution that effect...

Earth magic

Get me off this planet Earth but wait there is Earth Magic here! Do you ever feel like you do not want to come back to this planet Earth? I sure have. Years ago, that is what drove me to work so much on healing my inner life. I thought the result would be evolving to...

Spirituality and Postpartum Depression

Spirituality and Postpartum Depression

Seeking spiritual experiences can with postpartum depression. It won’t be the golden seed of creation that one finds. However, you could find a magnificent golden light and deep love. Seeking the healing work of the womb and ovaries that have locked trauma can be transformational.