Attracting what you want means you need to believe in it and yourself. Believing in yourself can have huge benefits.  After all, if Donald Trump can be President, what can you do? On the morning after the 2016 US election I reflect on the power of belief.



Donald Trump demonstrated to the world the power of belief in oneself. To our dismay, he acted nutty. He said outlandish things, but through the whole time he believed he would be President of the United States. Many or shall I say most, sat by incredulously. Could this really happen, we questioned? This is absurd! Is it?

Believe in what you want does not mean that you have to be perfect first. He demonstrated to the world that by no means that you have to be perfect. You don’t even have to say perfect things or act perfect.

Believe in what you want means stepping out of your fears. What do you want for yourself? What do you believe you can be? If the Donald can do it, so can you. Embody what you want  to create your own reality. He had no fears of the reality that he went for. If your fears come up around what you want, work on them. You too can have this. I really must say, you may have energetic blockages that stop you. You may have stepped out in a past life. Perhaps been burnt by the stake or hung. That life can be impacting this life. We carry these imprints called samskaras forward with us.

Past life clearing or parallel life clearing helps you move forward more clearly today. With this in mind, come to a session with a feeling of lack, or fear and meet someone you have been in another life. We can either do soul retrieval or clear the pain that was held in that life. Another day to put it, you open your heart to what happened and heal the pain instead of carrying the closing around with you life after life.

In conclusion, you can attract what you want and by no means have to be perfect. Working on clearings helps you step into a more clear and connected you as you make room for light versus pain. Put another way, you magnetize to you the thoughts behind the thoughts.

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