Work With David

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    What it Looks Like

    David works with you to discover and align your non-dimensional structures with your higher self to create a healthy energetic space for you within. Awaken your spiritual senses.

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    How it Works

    During a session, David will help you move inward, and learn to use your inner vision to experience your spiritual landscape, see blockages and impediments to energy flow.

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    Why You Need It.

    Blockages in the subtle bodies and energy flows impede your ability to connect with higher realms and fully allow you to live your higher purpose

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    What it Brings

    Through continued work, connection to your higher self and clean energy flows allow you to live a fuller more connect and spiritual life in the here and now.

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    Take the time to further your connection to your higher self and engage in healing on a soul level.

    "Being Realistic is the most common route to Mediocrity" -Will Smith

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    Book an Appointment

    Sessions with David can be booked through email or via text at 206.387.1975

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